Lacourte Godbillon

Champagne, France
Originally established in 1968, Husband and wife team Richard Désvignes and Géraldine Lacourte took over the mantle at Lacourte Godbillon from Géraldine’s father in 2006 and are now making wine on their 10th harvest. Dedicated to making only the highest quality champagne from their own 20.5 acres of vineyards, Lacourte Godbillon have gained quick recognition for their precise approach.
Situated in the Premier Cru village of Écueil on the Western flank of the ‘petite Montagne de Reims’, their vineyards are planted 85% to Pinot Noir and 15% to Chardonnay and are an average of 30 years old. A region celebrated for high quality Pinot Noir, Lacourte Godbillon have implemented ‘massal selection’ of their best vines for cuttings in their own parcels. The terroir is characterised by a very diverse sub-soil, some parts are predominantly sandy over deep chalk whilst others are compsed of clay over shallow chalk.
Lacourte Godbillon’s vineyards are worked exclusively by their own team who are dedicated to upholding great viticulture, following a rigorous routine which renders the use of pesticides, weedkillers and anti-botrytis treatments unnecessary.
Lacourte Godbillon’s wines are a true expression of their terroir. The oak used for their barrels is sourced from the Écueil forest or Champagne-Ardenne. Each plot is vinified separately and wine making is gravity fed to preserve the must’s intrinsic qualities. The wines stay in tank or barrel in contact with their lees deposits, without racking, for the whole autumn period, so they develop their full complexity and unique personality. For the wines made in oak barrels, no stirring or filtering is carried out. The chilling process then takes place... outside in the winter cold! The bottles are aged in their cellars for between 30 months and 7 years.