Oak Valley

Elgin, South Africa

Oak Valley wines are produced within the highly acclaimed cool climate Elgin Region, statistically the coolest wine region in South Africa. 

A feature of the Oak Valley terrain is a sequence of rolling hills set in an undulating countryside. There are currently 4 vineyard sites, 30 hectares is currently planted, mainly to Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The oldest planting still in the ground dates back to 1992. 
The Oak Valley soils are developed from ancient Bokkeveld shale that underwent intensive weathering and are therefore acid. The soils are predominantly comprised of reddish-brown, iron-rich gravelly material, underlaid by structured clay, with soft weathered porous shale still deeper down. This allows for moderate growth in the early season combined with some protection against heat and ground shocks during ripening.
Quentin Gobregts succeeded Pieter Visser as the Oak Valley winemaker in 2014. He was  appointed as winemaker for Howard Parker Wines in Margaret River before returning to South Africa to take up his appointment as Viticulturist/Winemaker at Oak Valley. 
Stylistically, Oak Valley wines reflect a strong sense of place. Foremost, they strive for purity and persistence of fruit while maintaining elegance and delicacy in structure. The characteristic freshness and flinty undertones lends itself to wines that gain complexity with age. Somewhere between old world austerity and new world opulence lies the essence of Oak Valley's style - the structure of the old world and fruit-forwardness of the new.